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About The Book

Witty and Inspirational

Learn how to face cancer through lessons learned from this Bald Chick.  While facing serious treatments and decisions, learn how to help yourself or someone in your life laugh at cancer.  Learn what to say and not say, how to turn every opportunity into a party, what to wear to hear your diagnosis, and what to do when your doctors fall in love with you.  Find out why size matters when it’s your refrigerator, how to train a family to react like Pavlov’s dog, and what to do when the scale is way wrong.

 Journey through this chick’s experiences as she teaches us what maturity looks like and why she hates adults and can’t fathom why she married one.  From the mammogram, biopsy, diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to the medicines, fatigue, weight gain, ports, and emergency room visits learn ways to hurl yourself through the horribleness of it all to land at the place where you can actually thank God for it.

 Find out how to walk alongside a friend battling cancer and the do’s and don’ts of friendships and relationships when cancer comes calling.

 Tag, you’re it.  If cancer tags you or someone in your life, you must have this manual for knowing how to face your giants.  Above all, learn who is in complete control of your diagnosis and how to get on His good side.
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  *Lessons from a Bald Chick is available at any bookstore.  If sold out any seller of books can order it for you.









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